Full-color high definition logos can be done economically, even in small quantities, with Custom Digital Transfers. Perfect for small runs, lightweight fabrics, and multi-color logos.

Storm Creek offers a variety of options for heat transfers. We work with a top digital transfer supplier in the business and provide several transfer products that complement our garments. We’ve tested transfers on each of our fabrics – rest assured, we’ll recommend the right application for your project.

Heat transfers are a more advanced, higher quality “iron-on transfer.” The actual transfer is created digitally, in sheets, and applied using regulated heat and pressure to bond, or seal, the graphics onto the fabric. The opaque materials stretch with your garment, making it appropriate for lightweight and woven (“slippery” or “smooth”) fabrics. This is the most economical option, especially for smaller quantities.

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Recommended Styles: Heat transfer is not an option for textured and knit fabrics. Each garment has specific deco options listed with the description.