logoed apparel methods


Embroidery is by far the most common decoration style, involving high-density decorative stitching on fabric that evolved from handwork to today’s high-speed, computerized multi-head machines. With our state-of-the-art embroidery equipment, custom thread colors, and digitizing software, your brand can be applied to a wide range of our products.
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<strong>HEAT TRANSFER</strong>

Think of this method as a more advanced and higher quality “iron-on transfer.” The actual transfer is created digitally, in sheets, and applied using regulated heat and pressure to bond, or seal, the graphics onto the fabric. This method is appropriate for lightweight and woven (“slippery” or “smooth”) fabrics. It is not an option for textured and knit fabrics.
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<strong>LEATHER PATCHES</strong>

A leather patch is the perfect way to add dimensional depth and texture to your garment. It’s a great way to add an elegant touch, plus they are much tougher and sturdier than other decoration methods.


A revolutionary new embellishment that gives a premium look and extraordinary 3D feel to your apparel. Nothing adds value and attracts attention like the dimensionality, soft texture, and vibrant colors of these new applications.

<strong>CUSTOM DESIGNS</strong>

Lean on our combined in-house design expertise and extensive private label experience with three decades of supplier relationships to create one of many different custom possibilities for your outdoor-inspired apparel. We offer a variety of zipper pull colors, logo design, and tagless apparel options.


We’re here to help

The Storm Creek Customer Experience Team is here to help you through decoration questions and orders from start to finish. We are happy to consult with you in the early stages of an order so that we can direct you and your customers to the right options and considerations from the beginning. Share the logo/design as soon as possible so we can present solutions. Even if a design looks simple, it may turn out to be much more complicated than expected and this early consultation can alleviate customer frustration and lost time.